ALL TOO HUMAN has been classified as a diverse combination of progressive metal, power metal, heavy metal, hard rock, progressive rock, and other styles of music with influences ranging from Dream Theater, Rush, Queensryche, Black Sabbath and numerous other artists.  They have released three self-produced and self-financed CDs: "Forever and a Day" (1998), "Entropy" (2002), and "Juggernaut" (2011).  A European version of Entropy was released with bonus tracks on Steelheart Records (Italy) in 2004.  The current members of the band are continuously writing and recording new music and began releasing new singles in mid-2022.

The band was originally formed by Maurice Taylor (Bass) and Chris Lucci (Drums) in 1995.  In 1996, Chris McIuan (Guitars) and Paul Vander (Vocals) were added to complete the lineup.  In May 1998, the band finalized their first CD.  In August 1998, "Forever and a Day" [(c) 1998] was released on R/R Records from Texas.  The album was recorded and mixed by Jason Rooks.  It was mastered in Nashville by Bobby Terry and Jason Rooks.  The result of ALL TOO HUMAN's exhaustive efforts shows the perseverance of these musicians and their desire to showcase their material to the world of music.  After playing a few shows, Paul personally decided to leave the band and the search was on for a new singer.  Chris McIuan was replaced by Clint Wilson on Guitars.  In 2000, Don Duzan joined the band on vocals.

In February 2002, ALL TOO HUMAN's second CD "Entropy" [(c) 2002] , was released on R/R Records.  "Entropy" features none other than guest keyboardist, Derek Sherinian (ex-Dream Theater, ex-KISS, ex-Alice Cooper), on 6 of the 8 tracks.  This amazing sophomore release from this diverse metal band is a technical, yet still melodic and powerful showcase of progressive/power metal.  The distribution for "Entropy" was mainly handled by Nightmare Records.

In the Fall of 2004, ALL TOO HUMAN performed at ProgPower Europe in the Netherlands.  This performance closed out their first tour which included 2 shows in Texas and 6 shows in Europe.  The band was joined on keyboards for the European dates by Cristian van Schuerbeck.  Shortly after the tour, Don Duzan left the band and was replaced by Gordon Tittsworth (Images of Eden / Born of Fire).

In October 2011, after an abnormally long delay, the band finished recording their 3rd studio CD, "Juggernaut" [(c) 2011].  The artwork for the album was done by Mattias Noren.  After again experiencing numerous delays, Gordon decided to leave the band to further pursue his musical works with his own band, Images of Eden.

As with other musicians and bands, due to what seems like the shutdown of the entire planet in 2020 because of the Coronavirus, ALL TOO HUMAN began writing and recording new material.  The band was in discussions with original singer, Paul Vander, to possibly record vocals for the music written, when Paul sadly and suddenly passed away.  A great voice was lost.

At the time, Maurice had also been working with Cameron Canedy (vocals) on another project.  Cameron was asked to join the band in 2021 but has since moved on to other projects.  The search is on for a new singer but we will hopefully have one soon.

The band has started to release their new material and will continue to release singles as available.  ATH hopes to be able to do live shows in 2024 which will include a tour of the UK.  Along with the current streaming methods of distribution (iTunes, Spotify, etc...), the band will be seeking distribution in various markets around the world, including but otherwise not limited to, the U.S., Europe, Scandanavia, Russia, Japan and South America.