2022.05.22 - Hello my fellow "Humanoids".  Sorry I have not added an update in over a month.  But I'm happy to announce that a release date has been set for "Fibrillation", our instrumental.  The single will be released on June 1st.  A video put together by our own Clint Wilson will either be released at the same time or shortly thereafter.  We will be recording FINAL vocal tracks sometime in June and releasing our first single with our new singer, Cameron Canedy, sometime in July.  We will be adding short video clips of the process (and other short videos in general) over the next few months.  We hope you will enjoy what we have in store for you.  Until next time.

2022.04.12 - Link added under "Music" to our site on RUMBLE.  Check out videos of Neil Peart covers by our drummer, Chris Lucci.

2022.04.07 - Our first song is mixed and mastered.  It is an instrumental called "Fibrillation".  We will be debuting it soon once all the methods are setup.  A demo of Cameron will come shortly thereafter.  We have 5 other songs close to being finished and will be releasing them as soon as possible.

2022.03.16 - Added a Guestbook but don't know if it's working.  Be the first to add something to let me know.

2022.03.15 - First entry.  The All Too Human website is finally back up after almost 15 years.  New songs are on the way along with short videos to pass the time.  We have been wanting to do this again for quite a while.  Something good actually came out of the crisis of the world-wide pandemic.  Musicians from all over the world are releasing new material.  It is time for ours.  We are looking forward to sharing our new (and old) music with you VERY soon.  All of our music will be available through this website.