2023.03.21 - "Fibrillation" is now available on Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, and other musical platforms.  Other songs will be loaded shortly.

BIG surprise coming for our next release!  It is an original tribute song to one of our favorite and most influential bands of ALL time.  We will be adding short videos to our YouTube page during this process so check it out.

2023.03.15 - It's finally here.  Our second song with vocals ("Admonition") is now available on this website and through Bandcamp.  Sorry it took so long.  We are working on our next release and thank you for your patience.

2023.02.25 - Added some photos to "The BAND" page and to "PHOTOS" page.

2023.02.24 - New logo and band name font are up. 

2023.02.23 - Okay, it's been 10 days since I promised the next song would be out soon.  Just a few more days.  Hopefully tomorrow.  Lotta hoping going on these days.  Trying our best.

2023.02.13 - Happy belated new year everyone.  Can't believe this is my first post this year.  Anyway, some good news.  Our next song "Admonition" will be available within the next week.  Very powerful vocals by Cameron on this one.  Background vocals once again by Jason Rooks and artwork by Eric Kendall.  Hoping we can release it this week but it will be next week at the latest.   It will be released here and on Bandcamp and will also be available through other media shortly thereafter.  We hope to release new material more frequently this year as we get this process down.  Until next time.

2022.12.15 - "Just An Illusion" is now available on this website and also through Bandcamp (see "bc" logo on the left).  Although track is free, we hope you will consider donating to the cause.  But either way, enjoy.  We're shooting for another release in January.

2022.12.13 - "Just An Illusion" is almost here.  It will be up on this website by Friday, December 16th and also on Bandcamp.  Thanks to Eric Kendall again for the artwork.  He also did the artwork for our previous release, "Fibrillation".

2022.12.11 - Hello!  Once again, sorry for the delays and lack of updates.  Wanted to let everyone know that "Just An Illusion", our first song with lead singer Cameron Canedy on vocals, has been mixed and mastered and will be added to our website sometime this coming week.  Just working on new artwork.

Our instrumental "Fibrillation" has been uploaded to Bandcamp.  Likewise, "Just An Illusion" will be uploaded to Bandcamp once available.  Distribution for both songs through CDBaby will be coming soon.

We hope to release our next track ("Admonition") in January and then a surprise track by the end of February.  Thank you once again for your interest and support.  We will try to be more "social" (updates, YouTube, Rumble, Instagram, TikTok) in the coming year.

2022.10.12 - Well, it has finally happened.  I am happy and proud to report that we have recorded vocals to 2 songs!  We are in the process of mixing and mastering the songs and will hopefully have one of them out by the end of this month and another out in mid-November.  And we will hopefully be able to get more done very soon. 

Shout out to Matt DeSear at Burnt Orange Sound Studio here in Sarasota, Florida.  Beautiful studio and great job!  We will be doing additional tracking at R/R Studios in Lake Jackson, Texas.  So happy to have Jason Rooks on board again!  More news to come soon.

I know, we really need to start on the video clips we promised.  Sadly, sometimes real life gets in the way.  We will keep grinding and have more stuff soon.  Thanks for your patience.